Providing basic needs

Child by child, meal by meal

Free breakfast for every child, every morning

The Rocket Start Breakfast Program provides free breakfast for students every morning regardless of household income. We have always been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it turns out the saying is true. Several studies suggest that a good breakfast helps to improve memory, alertness, concentration, problem-solving abilities, and mood- all of which are needed to excel in school. We aim to ensure each student has an equal opportunity to excel by having access to a nutritious morning meal.

Most students are leaving home without the benefit of a nutritious breakfast meal and their snacks are often high-sodium, high-sugar treats. The children, therefore, rely upon our Lunch Program to provide them with the nutrients needed for proper physical growth and mental development.
 However, the Lunch Program receives no sponsorship, so parents have to pay for that meal.
The Rocket Start Breakfast Program will seek to ensure that all our students are able to receive a nutritious meal that will be of no cost to the parents.


Our goal is to implement a breakfast program at 20 schools to feed every child, every morning. 

Monday: Scrambled eggs, fried plantains, Sausage, bread, warm Milo
Tuesday: Oats porridge, Cream Crackers
Wednesday: Warm Cereal, Ripe bananas, Watermelon slices
Thursday: Corned Beef Sandwiches, warm flavoured milk

Monday: Sardines, Fried Dumplings, warm flavoured milk Tuesday: SalAish Fritters, Bread, Fried plantains, warm Milo Wednesday: Cornmeal porridge, Cream Crackers
Thursday: Tuna Sandwiches, Watermelon Slices, warm Milo

Monday: Egg Sandwiches, warm flavoured milk
Tuesday: Franks, bread, fried plantains, warm Milo Wednesday: Warm Cereal, ripe bananas, Watermelon slices Thursday: Cheese Sandwiches, warm Milo

Monday: Corned Beef, fried dumplings, plantains, warm  milk Tuesday: Sausage/sardines, bread, warm Milo
Wednesday: Oats porridge, Cream Crackers
Thursday: Tuna Sandwiches, fried plantains, warm  milk

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