Cael Samuels
Athilia Pryce
Euvia Bennett
Zavier Brown
Kaysian Sewell
Ranicka Bryan
Kymani Francis

Cael Samuels
Athilia Pryce
Euvia Bennett
Zavier Brown

Kaysian Sewell
Ranicka Bryan
Kymani Francis

Get to know our scholars...

The Pocket Rocket Foundation Academic Scholarship is designed to help young athletes succeed in their academics and athletic pursuits. We offer annual scholarships to high school students who represent their school in any sporting discipline. These funds may be used to cover any academic expenses related to tuition, books, travel and lunch. Former recipients have continued to excel at the tertiary level with continued academic and sporting excellence.

Minimizing economic hardship so students can focus on school

2022-2023 Pocket Rocket Scholars

2023-2024 Scholarship Application CLOSED

Learning THEIR stories is to influence their future. (click on each student for a brief bio.)

Take a look at our 2022-2023 Pocket Rocket Scholars:

Cael is a Grade 8 student and Co-Captain of the Wolmer’s Trust High School For Boys Pepsi Football Team. In his spare time he enjoys watching movies and playing video games. 

Cael Samuels | The Wolmer’s Trust High School For Boys| Sport- Football 

Athilia is 17 years old and grew up in a Community called Suttons with her mother, sisters, and grandmother. She is currently a 6th Form student studying Business. Athilia obtained 5 Csec subjects with one grade 2 and 4 grade 3. She also finished 4th in the Discus Final at The ISSA/GraceKennedy Boys & Girls Championships. Athilia is also part of the Shotput Team. In the future, she would like to become an Accountant or full-time athlete representing Team Jamaica. 

Athilia Pryce | Clarendon College | Sport- Track & Field 

Euvia Bennett is a 6th form student who considers herself a very joyful and passionate person. She is guided by the philosophy, “If you can’t fly, then run, if you can’t run, then walk. If you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do, you need to keep moving forward. Euvia’s hobbies include singing, reading, watching television and going on adventures. In the future if it’s God’s will, she would like to become an Early Childhood Institution Teacher or Nurse. Euvia also values the importance of giving back to others. 

Euvia Bennett | St. Elizabeth Technical High School | Sport- Track & Field 

Zavier Brown is 13 years old and is presently the Form Captain and Mathematical Star for his grade, who was recently awarded Most Outstanding Male student among his peers. Zavier is also a member of the Football Team. He lives with his parents and two older siblings in Boscobel, St. Mary.

Zavier brown | York Castle High | Sport- Track & Field

A former student of St. Francis Primary, Kaysian has been competing in Track & Field since basic school. At St. Francis Primary she was Champion Girl for all the years she attended and received trophies and many medals. Kaysian never knew what it felt like to lose a race before entering High School. She now works that much harder to remain a Champion girl. She considers herself a very determined, smart and sweet person. 

Kaysian Sewell | The Wolmer’s Trust High School For Girls | Sport- Track & Field 

Ranicka is 14 years old and currently in 3rd Form. While at Primary School competing in Track and Field, she was hit by a bike in the 5th Grade, resulting in a broken leg. This stalled her ability to compete but with the help of her Coach she was able to recover quickly. Ranicka had to accept she wasn't as fast as she was prior to the accident and lost her confidence in her ability to compete in Track & Field and decided to pivot to her second favourite sport which is Netball. Entering High School she still tried out for the Track Team but did not make the cut and resolved to focus on Netball. If she is to be honest with herself, she still holds the dream to be a runner and hopes with proper coaching and training that this is still a possibility in the future. 

Ranicka Bryan | Convent of Mercy | Sport- Netball 

Kymani is 15 years old and currently in 3rd Form and also competes in Track & Field over the 200m and 400m distance. He has been Form Monitor two consecutive years and hopes to be named Headboy or Deputy Headboy when he becomes a senior at his school. Kymani’s extra-curricular activities include Key Club where he gets involved in community activities. In his spare time he enjoys drawing. Kymani’s dream is to become a Pilot or an Astronaut.

Kymani Francis | Alphansus Davis High | Sport-Football 

"I promise to be and become extraordinary...
Because a promise to myself is a promise for the future."




33 girls. 29 boys.


High schools islandwide

○Maintain regular attendance at school
○Satisfactory student conduct
○Play an active role in school
○Maintain a minimum of 60% average in 5 subjects
○Represent the school in at least one (1) sporting activity

○Most recent student ID
○Most recent school report/ certificates
(Failure to submit will result in an incomplete application.)


The Scholarship is available to Jamaican students only. This scholarship is not open to members of the board of the Foundation or their immediate family members.

Application for Scholarships must be submitted by August 5th

Students must:

Additional Required Documentation:












Shavar Scott (Ardenne)
Rojaire Bingham (Mona)
Brenton Bartley (Campion)
Tahjia Lumley (Papine)
Jovaine Atkinson (KC)
Carlton Collins (Munro)
Kimone Shaw (St. Jago)

Shadae Grant (St. Jago)
Nicholas Haughton (Campion)
Patrick Morgan (Jonathan Grant)
Janeek Brown (Wolmer’s Girls)
Zinedine Russell (Convent of Mercy-Alpha)
Pierce Matthew McKenzie (Campion - Transferred to JC in 2017)
Okhalia Buchanan (Wolmer’s Girls)
Romae Quarrie (Campion)

2015 - 2016
Donnell Hartley (Queens)

2016 - 2017
Deshawn Bernard (Wolmer’s Boys)
Arianna Lawrence (Merlgrove)
Rachel Minto (Immaculate)
Tissania Mitchell (Wolmer’s Girls)
Lloyd Facey (Mona)
Winsome Harris (STETHS)
Tyrone Barnes ( STETHS)

Shemar Willis (Papine High)
Akalia Barnes (Holy Childhood)
Rajiv Redhi (Wolmer’s Boys)
Daniel Isaacs (Campion College)
J’vaughn Blake (Jamaica College)

Danielle Kent (Papine High)
Abigail McIntosh (Gaynstead High)
Liana Campbell (Wolmer’s Girls)
Omarion Davis (Jamaica College)
Atena Rayson (Herbert Morrison)

Sherene Williams - STETHS
Rashane Bartlett - STETHS 
Aleisha Robinson - STETHS 
Daniel Binns - STETHS 
Shanae Blake - STETHS 
Delojauntae Henry - STETHS
Gianna Lewis - Wolmer’s Trust Girls School
Julianna Mederios - Wolmer’s Trust Girls School
Dominique Clarke - Papine High 

York Shane (St. Jago)
Jasauna Dennis (St. Elizabeth Technical)
Jahiem Wedderburn (Kingston College)
Habiba Harris (St. Elizabeth Technical)
Oshane Blackwood (St. Elizabeth Technical)
Solesha Young (Convent of Mercy)
Samantha Morrison (St. Andrew High School)
Adrian Nethersole (St. Elizabeth Technical)

Tafada Wright (St. Jago High)
Kimesha Beckford (Manchester High),
Anecia Taylor (Holmwood Technical)
Olivia Petrekin (St. Andrew High)
Malachi King (The Wolmer’s Trust High School For Boys) 

Cael Samuels (Wolmers for Boys)
Athilia Pryce (Clarendon High School)
Euvia Bennett (St Elizabeth Tech)
Zavier Brown (York Castle High)
Kaysian Sewell (Wolmers for Girls)
Ranicka Bryan (Covenant of Mercy)
Kymani Francis (Alphansus Davis High)


Past recipients

Success stories

Combining academics and athletics was not easy but Russell said she could not afford to relax or take any short cuts on her way to her goals. While she said her parents never pressured her into their favorite sport, she said they showed how the sport could open up doors for her. Since starting Rice University in 2016, Russell has been on the President’s Honour Roll (Top 10 per cent GPA) — five out of seven semesters, and the Conference USA-Commissioner’s Academic Medal for three years — 2016, 2017, and 2018..


November 6, 2020

Triple Threat: Zinedine Russell dominates as an athlete, engineer, and student

Former Kingston College (KC) track star Jovaine Atkinson is now a commercial pilot and he cannot contain his joy. “I'm ecstatic, filled with euphoria and contentment right now. All the hard work, the stress, the long nights, the studying and the occasional tears all paid off,” said Atkinson.


October 17, 2019

Meant to Soar: Jovaine Atkinson's
pilot dream is now a reality

Financial insecurity weighs heavy on students, but with the help of the foundation Brenton used his scholarship to engineer a fresh start. Former Campion College stand-out student and athlete Brenton Bartley believes that scholarships are one piece in the puzzle of what creates a strong foundation for supporting students in their success.


september 6, 2019

Keeping the Promise: Brenton Bartley excels from start to finish

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