learning LIFE SKILLS through sports

Its more than just a game

the power of play

The Pocket Rocket Foundation Six-a-Side competition was designed to bring different communities, that otherwise would not engage, together on one common ground to play sports, socialize and encourage unity. Participants pledge to look beyond their differences and refrain from violence in order to play. There are 16 teams of 10 players going head-to-head for a grand prize of $250k JMD and naming rights as Six-a-Side football champions. 


"As an athlete and community member, it is critical that we each uphold standards, both on and off the field. With that, each player in our competition has certain requirements. They are called to be upstanding community members by avoiding crime and any other harmful behaviors that negatively impact our community. We are using the game as a means to bring us all together in the name of fun, football, and fellowship."


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